Little Boy (2015) มหัศจรรย์ พลังฝันบันลือโลก

Little Boy In the coastal town of O’Hare, California, an 8-year-old who is tiny in comparison to his age Pepper Flynt Busbee (Jakob Salvati) is in a close bond with James the father of his love that begins right from the day he was born, when James holds the baby within his arms and notices how small he is. Pepper sought advice from a doctor regarding dwarfism. The doctor said that the boy was an “little boy” and that was Pepper’s nickname. He would learn to despise those two words and always cause a fuss when someone would call out his nickname.

However, his older brother, with flat feet is deemed ineligible to serve in the military and his father takes over to fill in for him. Pepper then hears the Bible verse “Truly I say to that if you’ve got faith as small as a mustard seed, then this mountain will be moved from where it is to'” (Matthew 17.20). Pepper is determined to gain enough faith to bring the home of his father. However, his mentor and close friend Father Oliver tells Pepper that faith is not worth it for anyone who harbors hatred. Pepper is told by Father Oliver to meet an Japanese man named Hashimoto. 

Although he initially resents the anti Japanese feeling Pepper is subjected to – and which is now a common feature in the society, Pepper comes to be grateful for their friendship as well as to fight those who try to bully him due to his size. Father Oliver handed Pepper an agenda of tasks to complete. Pepper’s father is missing in the action and her mother Emily Watson struggles to keep her family together despite these difficult circumstances. London, his brother, and Sam, one of the townspeople who lost a son, go to Hashimoto’s house and attack him one evening which leads to him being taken to hospital. London was initially detained but Hashimoto decides not to pursue charges and he is released.

A representative from the Army announces that Pepper’s dad has been murdered. He is now buried in the Philippines. Hashimoto attends the O’Hare Cemetery memorial service to pay his respects. Pepper and Hashimoto talk about their shared losses and believe in something. Pepper goes back to the cemetery to view the gravesite of his father, and to place the list at the top of the marker. Pepper and his mother go to the town doctor; Dr. Fox tries to hit on her and invite himself over to the house later in the evening with the intention of discussing what could possibly be the root of Pepper’s small stature. Little Boy HD

A spokesperson from the Army came later to inform her that her husband hadn’t been killed. Pepper’s father took his boots and attached the dog tags of his pet to the boots. He fell from the shot, and was mistakenly identified as Pepper’s father. The family travels for a visit to James at the hospital. Pepper takes his boots, which James was eyeing for some time, which Pepper purchased for him when his deployment to war. They find out that James has mild amnesia after sustaining a head injury. However, Pepper calls his father by his nickname of many years, “partner”, and presents him with a gift. James holds the boots, and then kisses the faces of Pepper and his family. They all kneel around him and share a a group hug, before driving him back to O’Hare.